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Art Therapy Alliance Celebrates 2000 Members on LinkedIn!


The Art Therapy Alliance’s community on LinkedIn has hit 2000 members!  Wow!  I am very grateful for this community, its members, our 11 subgroups, and all of the Alliance’s moderators for helping to make this the place to be for networking, exchanging ideas, news, resources and discussion about art therapy! 

If you’re not part of the Art Therapy Alliance on LinkedIn, here’s what you are missing:

International Art Therapy Organization [IATO]- Join the International Art Therapy Organization’s dialogue, become a stakeholder, and meet others from around the world who have a passion for the field of art therapy, therapeutic art making, and art for health, wellness, and social transformation, share resources and research, and learn more about how art is changing lives, every day and everywhere. Contribute to the discussion board on this site, post events and news, and become part of a network that includes creative individuals from every continent. Get the latest news on international art therapy, stories about visual arts, creativity, and health, announcements about educational opportunities, distance learning, research collaborations, and conferences.  This group is moderated by IATO Founder Cathy Malchiodi PhD, ATR-BC, LPCC, LPAT.

Mindfulness and Art Therapy- This is a sub-group of the Art Therapy Alliance to explore the interface and application of Mindfulness and Art Therapy. It’s a wonderful place to exchange sharings, questions, ideas around the spiritual dimension of Mindfulness, the application of mindfulness to contemporary psychotherapy, art therapy, creative arts, MBSR, DBT, ACT, Hakomi, Focusing-Oriented Art Therapy (FOAT) and more with various populations. Also, the application of Mindfulness for the therapist’s self-care and development will also be explored. Please join in this wonderful dialogue and community! Moderator: Laury Rappaport, Ph.D., ATR-BC, REAT.
Art Therapy & Autism- This subgroup of the Art Therapy Alliance is for members who are interested in discussing and learning about the complex population of Autism. There is a need and demand for innovative services that can give children on the autism spectrum the best chance to develop intellectually and socially, to discover their talents and to cope with their challenges. More art therapists are becoming involved in the treatment plans for these children and are looking to adapt methods and materials to accommodate the needs of this population. Within this group, explore the latest trends in therapeutic methods that are being used successfully and how we as art therapists can integrate creative modalities into proven techniques and strategies. Moderator: Pamela Ullmann, ATR-BC, LCAT.

Art Therapy Student Networking Forum- This subgroup of the Art Therapy Alliance provides an opportunity for students interested in art therapy or enrolled in an art therapy educational program to network with other students and art therapists, as well as access resources related to the profession of art therapy.

Materials and Media in Art Therapy- Materials and Media in Art Therapy is a subgroup of the Art Therapy Alliance for members to discuss and exchange ideas related to a variety of media types and material approaches in relationship to the art therapist’s work with different populations, settings, and personal art-making. Moderator: Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC.
Independent Practice & Art Therapy– Professional art therapists who work in private practice, as contractors, or work independently with the support of grant funding can share resources, discuss ideas, and seek information related to this topic.  Moderated by Don Cutcher, MA, ATR-BC, LCAT, Cathy Malchiodi, Ph.D, LPCC,LPAT, Gretchen Miller, MA, ATR-BC, and Elizabeth Warson, MA, ATR-BC.

Art Therapy & Older Adults with Neurodegenerative Disorders- Art Therapy & Older Adults with Neurodegenerative Disorders will provide a forum for the open  exchange of ideas, therapeutic protocols, articles, resources, news, info, etc relating to the older adult population. Art Therapy Alliance members interested in or currently working with older adults using art therapy is welcome to join in discussions or post questions. The manager of this group, Amanda Alders is currently pursuing a PhD, specializing in Art Therapy at FSU in Tallahassee, FL and will be adding and responding to discussions every other Friday. Older adults are considered a “vulnerable” population with specific needs and a wide range of behavioral tendencies. Collaboration among therapists may very well serve to provide a strong footing for providing high quality care to a rapidly growing segment of the world population. For this reason, by participating in group discussions, therapists will be able to share insight into the approaches that they find most effective and person centered.  This group will encourage discussions on culturally diverse segments of the elderly population as well as theories associated with neuroplasticity, learning, motivation, and creativity.

Medical Art Therapy- Medical Art Therapy (MAT) is dedicated to spreading knowledge and creating dialogue about art therapy within the medical milieu. Medical art therapy includes work with individuals and groups affected by illness and disability, medical professionals and caregivers. This subgroup can explore interesting topics such as, but not limited to: holistic treatment, cell-level healing, disability theory, art making by patients in hospitals, homes and clinics, as well as the role of art therapy in health and wellness. Group is moderated by Rachel Schreibman, Medical Art Therapy blogger.

Trauma and Loss- Trauma and Loss is a subgroup of The Art Therapy Alliance for art therapists to dialogue, share ideas and resources related to art therapy, trauma, and loss issues.  This group is moderated by Aimee Loth Rozum, LMHC, ATR-BC.

International Art Therapy Research Collaborative- Are you interested in developing an art therapy research project? Have you collected data for an art therapy research project and would like to collaborate with other Art Therapy Alliance and International Art Therapy Organization LinkedIn members?Or just want to talk about art therapy research?  Looking for interesting, relevant, and leading edge art therapy research and related studies on art and health, creativity, and therapeutic artmaking? This subgroup is moderated by Cathy Malchiodi PhD, ATR-BC, LPCC, LPAT. This is a global think-tank for how we all can envision and contribute to art therapy research around the world. Bring your passion and ideas and let’s talk!  

Digital Art Therapy- Digital Art Therapy (DAT) is a sub-group for art therapists to discuss practical ways to work with clients using technology. This can include digital photo collage, animation, film making, computer illustration, 3D drawing, e-zine, social networking
pages, digital photography, music video, online art therapy, virtual world art therapy and more. Included will be ideas for art therapy techniques & directives, personal experiences and applicable research from therapists working in this area. This group is moderated by Art Therapy Alliance member Ginger Poole.

Learn about how to join the Art Therapy Alliance on LinkedIn and all these groups here.

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