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More Art Therapy Alliance Favicard On the Go Photos: Kentucky, Wisconsin

This week has been very active for Art Therapy Alliance Favicard photo receiving, as well as mailing out new requests to art therapy community members who want to get involved with this collaborative project.  It is a lot of fun seeing how our Favicard is being incorporated into everyone’s photographs, as well as learning more about the art therapist or art therapy student submitting the image.

Today’s Favicard posting includes two submissions I recently received:


From Louisville, Kentucky Lisbeth Lanpher  submitted this fun Favicard photo!  Lisbeth has been an artist all of her life, from childhood.  She has witnessed first hand the great healing powers of art.  As someone with bipolar II disorder, much of her life has been spent battling depression.  The only thing that would help bring her out of the depressive state was making art because the focus was completely on the project at hand.  The pleasure center of the brain seemed to become engaged.  The effects of art therapy on the brain are of great interest to her, and hopefully will be a part of further research.

Lisbeth initially received an Associate Degree in Occupational Therapy because she wanted to use art in therapy.  Shortly after she received this degree, insurance forced the field to become more concentrated in the areas of prosthetics and alternative physical methods of functioning, and away from the art aspect. After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art Studio,  Lisbeth began to teach art lessons to varying populations of people, young children through older adults.  In seeing the difference that artmaking made in these peoples’ lives, she decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Art Therapy. Lisbeth has a particular interest in working with veterans and has completed a pre-practicum at the VA hospital in Louisville.

Over the past year or so, Lisbeth has become involved with The Art Therapy AllianceArt Therapy Without Borders and the International Art Therapy Organization.  These organizations have helped to keep her informed about new and exciting happenings in the field.  They have also initiated a number of great art therapy projects like this Favicard one!

This second Art Therapy Alliance Favicard photo was taken by Chris LeGrand, an art therapist who just moved into a new private practice in a peaceful location along the river in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. (She loves it there!) 


The photo is taken outside Chris’ front door!  She’s “IN” even when she is out!   Chris works with all ages providing art therapy and professional counseling.  Her interests are primarily in the areas of trauma, codependency, depression, anxiety and grief.  With the help of a friend/colleague Jeanne Zilske, Chris will also be offering art therapy to hospice patients.  She loves creating art of any kind and currently stuck on creating sterling silver jewelry. 

Social networking has connected Chris to people she never gets a chance to see.  It is a great way to keep in touch with friends and colleagues and keep current with what is happening in the art therapy community.  Chris is new to Twitter and have found great resources & lots of creativity from other people with similar interests.   The Art Therapy Alliance rocks!  (Thanks Chris!)


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