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Art Therapy Alliance Favicard On the Go with Natalya Garden-Thompson in Melbourne, Australia

We received our first Art Therapy Alliance Favicard on the Go from Australia!  Woo hoo!

This favicard photo was sent by Natalya Garden-Thompson who is about to complete her Graduate Diploma in Creative and Experiential Arts Therapy at MIECAT, Melbourne, Australia. She also works as a therapist with a child who has autism which includes a play and arts component. Natalya is in the process of applying to do a Masters at MIECAT next year to extend upon her knowing of art therapy.

Natalya chose to photograph her Art Therapy Alliance Favicard with objects from a recent project (which was part of her Uni assessment).  The project was inspired by her experience of social networking in the international art therapy community (in particular the Art Therapy Without Borders International Postcard Exchange earlier this year). Natalya also wanted to use technology in a therapeutic/collaborative context. For her project she set up a private blog to companion someone who was on the other side of Australia. They used the blog to post photos of their multi-modal art representations and then responded to each other. Through this process there was an awareness discovered about the limitations and possibilities that technology had on their companioning experience.


Natalya’s favicard photo is a representation of her project’s experience and includes two figurines on their laptops connected by a piece of string. After giving a powerpoint presentation of the project to her class, a peer made the cardboard laptops as an Intersubjective response (ISR). At MIECAT ISR’s are offered as a way to respond intuitively to someone using multi-modal art forms. The ISR captures something felt or experience during the intersubjective sharing.  For more information about MIECAT check out www.miecat.org.au and www.facebook.com/miecatcreativeartstherapy.

Natalya also shares that as a budding arts therapist, “The Art Therapy Alliance network inspires me- I am encouraged by all of the stories, helpful tips and the dialogue which is shared by people from all over the world!  Having access to such useful and inspiring information is a blessing!  I look forward to participating in many more on-line projects and interactions“.

Great to see the Art Therapy Alliance Favicard love from Australia!   Many thanks to Natalya for sharing her photo and story behind it!

You can catch up on past Favicard on the Go posts for this project and learn how to participate here.


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2 thoughts on “Art Therapy Alliance Favicard On the Go with Natalya Garden-Thompson in Melbourne, Australia

  1. I lovely post – Art Therapy Alliance Network is doing some wonderful work connecting therapists across the globe – great for those of us in Australia to participate in such exciting US projects – From jan at MIECAT (Academic Director)

    Posted by Jan Allen | October 4, 2011, 2:24 am
  2. Thank you Jan!

    Posted by Anonymous | October 4, 2011, 12:36 pm

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