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6 Degrees of Creativity Opens!

Today marks the official opening of 6 Degrees of Creativity! Woo hoo! This event has been months in the making, so it is very exciting that this day is finally here. Let the art making and fun begin!  What creative goodness are you going to be up to today?


Eager participants who already registered during the month of September received early invites this past week-end to start settling into the site and to explore everything it has to offer.  It is very cool to see this community of art therapists, art therapy students, and creatives from around the world coming together for this!

As individuals receive access to the 6 Degrees of Creativity site I have enjoyed reading the profile responses posted about what people hope to get out of this community and experience.  Reflections and intentions include, but are not limited to connecting more or re-connecting with the creative self, a desire to engage in more art making as a means for self-care and balance, as well as to learn new or different techniques and ideas to incorporate into art making. 

Because 6 Degrees of Creativity is designed as a social networking site, not only can participants enjoy the 6 inspiring workshops that are being offered, but also engage and interact with the entire community through sharing art, discussing concepts or topics, and connecting with like minded individuals all gathered together in one space. This launch hopes to create another opportunity to empower participants through social media and social networking to build community, connection, and collaboration.

I have endless gratitude for the 6 Degrees of Creativity instructors who have contributed to the awesome line up of workshops for everyone to enjoy and learn so much from throughout the next 6 months.   It is an honor to be working with Kristina, Lani, Cathy, Jen, and Katarina and to enjoy this 6 Degrees of Creativity debut with them too. Very exciting stuff!


6 Degrees of Creativity registration will be available until December 1, 2011, with workshops running until March 1, 2012.   For more information visit the 6 Degrees of Creativity page or feel free to e-mail 6DegreesOfCreativity@arttherapyalliance.org if you have any questions!


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One thought on “6 Degrees of Creativity Opens!

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