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30 Day Art Therapy Facebook Hop- Week 1

Art Therapy Facebook Hop | Art Therapy Alliance

What great fun it was this week to start hopping from Facebook page to Facebook page from different Art Therapists learning about their work, inspirations, & passions! 🙂

Here’s a summary of the Facebook pages that were featured this past week:

Lisa Mitchell | Inner Canvas

Lisa Mitchell | Inner Canvas


Take some time to visit the work of and say hello to California Art Therapist Lisa Mitchell and her Facebook page Inner Canvas– Learn more about how to partner with your creativity to be an even better therapist or coach. Learn to use your creativity to support and leverage your best work!




Art Therapy Facebook Hop | Art Therapy Alliance

Sara Roizen | Art Therapy Spot



Click over to and enjoy NYC Art Therapist Sara Roizen‘s Art Therapy Spot where she explores art therapy, creative expression, art making, mindfulness practices, and many other topics related to psychotherapy and self-exploration.




Art Therapy Facebook Hop | Art Therapy Alliance

Hannah Klaus Hunter Arts


Learn more about the creative practice, art, & medical art therapy work of Art Therapist Hannah Klaus Hunter – Artist in California. Hop on over to Hannah’s page and say hi!





Melissa Hedlund | The Light of the Heart

Melissa Hedlund | The Light of the Heart


Check out the work of Illinois Art Therapist Melissa Hedlund and her non-profit The Light of The Heart: A Community Art Therapy Project in Aurora, IL. TLOTH’s vision is to “create a community that embraces and utilizes the creative process of art making to allow for the light of all of our hearts to shine bright, building a safer, connected and more supportive community for all to heal, grow, prosper and love.”




Petrea Hansen-Adamidis | Drawing the Self Out

Petrea Hansen-Adamidis | Drawing the Self Out


Visit the work & inspiration of Canadian Art Therapist Petrea Hansen-Adamidis and her Facebook page ArtTherapist.ca Drawing the Self Out: A place to come and awaken your muse, connect with your creativity and inner wisdom.





Art Therapy Facebook Hop | Art Therapy Alliance

Bethany Sweeden | Art Heals, PLLC



Say hello to and visit Bethany Sweeden‘s Art Heals, PLLC in Texas. Art Heals utilizes social media to educate about art therapy and related fields, to promote the safe use of art in therapy, and to share the healing and creative arts both locally and globally!




Erin Brumleve | Denver Art Therapy & Counseling, LLC

Erin Brumleve | Denver Art Therapy & Counseling, LLC


Learn more about Denver Art Therapy & Counseling, LLC. & the work of Colorado Art Therapist Erin Brumleve who uses creativity to tap into our innate resilience!




I hope this art therapy & social media happening helps foster more awareness and interest in the great work and presence of art therapists on Facebook.

Many thanks to everyone who helped spread the Facebook Art Therapy Hop Love this week! Keep visiting, liking, & sharing!

You can also check out all these Hop Pages and their links here on Pinterest.

Keep connected to the Art Therapy Alliance on Facebook for more art therapy page hopping this month as Week 2 starts!


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