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Creative Arts Therapies Week 2015- March 15-21

 Creative Art Therapies Week is March 15-21!

To recognize the next 7 days, the Art Therapy Alliance is re-launching a mini version of this Art Therapy Challenge over the next week to have a little bit of social media fun & promote the field of art therapy on Facebook, Twitter, & Pinterest!

You can participate in this week’s challenge by commenting on & sharing the different challenge prompts that are posted on ATA social media sites each day….

Creative Arts Therapies Week 2015 | Art Therapy Alliance

In addition, some helpful resources from the Art Therapy Alliance to also promote and spread the word about art therapy and the work of art therapists can be found here:

Creative Arts Therapies Week 2015| Art Therapy AllianceLearn more about art therapy, the qualifications & credentialing of art therapists, as well as resources to connect to art therapist websites, news, and more here.

Creative Arts Therapies 2015 | Art Therapy AllianceThe Art Therapy Alliance community connects with art therapists from all over the world.  This Global Art Therapy Resources List includes more information about art therapy from different parts of the globe.

Creative Arts Therapies Week | Art Therapy AllianceYou’re also invited to visit these 60+ blogs from art therapists & art therapy students that have contributed to ATA’s Art Therapy Blog Index.  A great resource for learning more  about the clinical and creative practices of art therapists!

When using social media to promote this year’s Creative Arts Therapies Week, the National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations is encouraging users to include the #CATW2015 hashtag.

Social media, paired with an event like this can be a great tool to bring more awareness, education, and understanding to the value & benefit of art therapy.

Cheers to this year’s Creative Arts Therapies Week!


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